Own a city, receive leads daily and make more money! 
Become the go-to Real Estate Agent or Lender for the Hispanic Market
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Alvin & Kiran Shah  -Branch Managers
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Focus on the fastest growing market and let YourCasa & SuCasa help you 
reach more closings!
Imagine being the go-to agent or lender for the Hispanic market in your city. Sounds great, right? 
Imagine having to do less prospecting and having leads come in daily? Sounds Amazing.
Imagine making more money -- sounds ideal! 

So, how does it work? 
YourCasa.com and Sucasa.com. are THE sources for Hispanic home buyers and sellers to find all their Real Estate needs. 

We cater to bilingual buyers so they can feel at home while purchasing their new home. 

Now, how does this benefit you?
  • Receive daily leads by being the go to agent in a WHOLE city - You will have exclusive leads of home buyers and sellers looking for real estate assistance in a whole city (not zip code)
  • Have access to multiple buyers in two websites- We have a complete English site (YourCasa.com) and fully Spanish site (SuCasa.com) 
  • Exclusive market. We assist the fastest growing demographic in Real Estate.  Last year, the 57 million Hispanics in the US, contributed to 69% of the new homeowners and a 249,000 year over year growth in homes purchased.
  • Be part of a community of Bilingual Real Estate Professional
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New Jersey
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